Slur-spewing man forced Black woman to stop on New York road — then punched her in the face: report
Police car lights (Shutterstock)

On Friday, Spotlight News reported that an Albany, New York area man has been arrested after an alleged hate crime incident on the road.

"On Sunday, Sept. 25 at approximately 10:26 p.m., two women were driving on River Road traveling to the Cumberland Farms on Corning Hill road after work, when a 2010 Honda Civic began tailgating the vehicle. The Honda was flashing its lights and the driver was giving the women the middle finger before passing and then stopping in front of them," reported John McIntyre. "According to reports, the driver of the Honda, later identified as Kyle J. Demania, 19, exited the car and approached the woman in her car. He allegedly spit in her face and called her a derogatory word for a Black person multiple times. When the women exited the car, Demania allegedly punched her in the face multiple times then left the scene."

Demania was arrested after the women called 911 and gave his license plate number.

"On Tuesday, Sept. 27, Demania was taken into custody and interviewed at the police station. His girlfriend came to the station on her own, said she was in the vehicle and admitted she and Demania fabricated a story to tell police about the incident," said the report. "Demania was charged with hate crime assault, a felony, and assault to cause physical injury, a misdemeanor."

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This comes amid a number of other hate crime incidents publicized around the country, as the rate of such incidents has climbed to the highest level in two decades.

In August, a Texas woman was charged for assaulting four Indian women in a parking lot, and in June, a California man allegedly attacked and threatened to kill a Filipino family.