'Really dangerous': CNN panel shreds conservative after she rationalizes still voting for Herschel Walker
CNN panelists S.E. Cupp, left, and Alice Stewart, right (Screen cap via CNN)

Conservative commentator Alice Stewart on Thursday found herself cornered by fellow CNN panelists John Avlon and S.E. Cupp when she defended continuing to vote for scandal-plagued candidate Herschel Walker.

During a discussion about the latest allegations against Walker, including that he paid for a girlfriend's abortion and also physically abused his family, Stewart said that Georgia voters would look past everything because they are so focused on issues like crime and inflation.

"We're seeing character and ethics are not a qualifying factor for elected officials anymore," she explained. "It's unfortunate but it's actual reality... But conversations in my home state of Georgia, they're not concerned with what Herschel Walker did in 2009."

This earned a swift rebuke from Avlon.

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"What we're saying is character doesn't count," he said. "That's what's really dangerous. If you go down that slippery slope and say that character doesn't count, confidence doesn't count, telling the truth doesn't count, what you're really saying is, 'Party above country, power above everything.'"

Stewart then tried to insist that people would still vote for Walker because of his policies, which caused Cupp to jump in with an interjection.

"I don't see conservatism in a lot of this, I don't see policies, principles, ideas," she said. "I see people like Herschel Walker and Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert and Donald Trump and Matt Gaetz vice-signaling to their base. And all they're voting for now is, 'Who do they hate and are they the same people I hate?'"

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