'This ad is hate': CNN guest shreds Herschel Walker for anti-transgender ad hours after Club Q shooting
Herschel Walker (Photo via Herschel Walker Facebook page)

A CNN guest on Tuesday slammed Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker for releasing an ad targeting teen transgender athletes hours after a gunman murdered five people at an LGBTQ club in Colorado Springs.

After host Don Lemon played a clip of the Walker ad, he brought on Los Angeles Times columnist LZ Granderson to discuss its poor timing in the wake of a deadly attack on the LGBTQ community in Colorado.

Granderson started out by noting that it was strange to see Walker spending time talking about transgender athletes when polls show voters are most concerned about issues such as the cost of living.

"I'm confused, because as you look at the exit polls, the issues that are on voters' minds, number one, obviously, is the economy. How do you put food on the table, paying for gas, inflation. Number two is abortion. Following down from that are issues regarding security, safety, education. I did not see very many voters stress confusion or anxiety regarding trans athletes competing in sports."

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Granderson then suggested that the ad is a sign that Walker has little else to run on against incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock.

"This seems to be a manufactured issue from Herschel Walker, who had nowhere else to turn, because he has no credibility discussing the economy because we understand his business dealings," he said. "He's surrounded by controversy regarding abortion, and where else is he going to turn? Hate. That's what this ad is: Hate."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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