The View unloads on evangelicals for offering 'forgiveness' to Herschel Walker but not for women who got abortions
Herschel Walker (Photo via Herschel Walker Facebook page)

The co-hosts of "The View" unleashed on the hypocrisy of Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker, who is denying the check and get-well-soon card he sent to an ex-girlfriend was for an abortion.

Republican Ana Navarro compared it to the Shaggy song, "It wasn't me," where the wife catches him with another woman in various places around their home and he keeps claiming "it wasn't me."

An interview Thursday morning with Hugh Hewitt left the co-hosts even more confused with silence and blank stares.

"If that had happened, I would've said there's nothing to be ashamed of -- that, you know, people have done that," Walker told Hewitt. "But I know nothing about it. And if I knew about it, I would be honest and talk about it."

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Walker has called abortion murder and called for a complete ban on it, so it left some confused why he said "there's nothing to be ashamed of." He also said that he doesn't care about the accusations that he has several abandoned children or that he paid for abortions because it is in the past.

"That’s what the left don’t want to talk about, but I’m talking about that, because as I said, they can continue to try to hurt me by bringing up my past. It’s like robbing my old house. I don’t live there anymore," he said.

"Except they have a baby," Ana Navarro said as the co-hosts tried to walk through the Walker comment.

"She's, like, but I'm the mother of one of your other children. He's, like, oh, that one?" said Hostin.

"He doesn't know who that is?" asked Whoopi Goldberg.

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"The kid's mom," Sara Haines said.

"He's confusing me," Goldberg said.

"Yeah, and the thing is, like, it's just such a divided message because people are still standing by him," said Hostin. "He's in a statistical dead heat with Sen. Raphael Warnock who is a pastor. They're standing by him, and what the evangelicals are saying is God forgives all. So, I'm wondering --"

"Apparently not," Goldberg cut in.

"That's what they're saying. So, I'm wondering why if that's the case, why isn't he coming forward and saying, 'Yes, this is my -- I did this, and I'm sorry. God has forgiven me," Hostin wondered.

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"That's my issue. I think there's room for redemption with anyone, but you have to admit fault," said Republican Alyssa Farah Griffin. "And he's still lying about the child, the abortion.

"You can do that these days!" Sara Haines cut in. "There are literally people that think the election was stolen. You can tell them anything you want. Ten more kids could come out and he'd be, like, nope. Nah."

"My message to the party would be, I understand wanting to take back control of the Senate, but there are a number of lanes you don't have to do through. Georgia. You don't have to put this man in the Senate for the Republicans to take back the majority," Griffin begged.

Goldberg cut in again to ask about the "forgiveness" aspect of the Evangelical Christians who are coming out in support of Walker.

"If that is true, why don't you give the same grace to women who find themselves in the position of having to have an abortion?" she asked. "If God forgives all, if that's where we're going with this, you know, one of the first commandments in the Catholic idiom is, you know, you will have no gods before me, and yet people are acting like God, saying -- they're willing to forgive Herschel it seems to me you would extend the same grace to the women who find themselves in that position. I'm just saying."

Ana Navarro explained that the caveat that has been created for Evangelical Christians is that they are against abortion except in cases where it might decide who leads the U.S. Senate.

"We think everybody is forgiven except if you committed murder which is what we call abortion, but you're forgiven if you are Herschel Walker and you are running for the Senate, or if you're Donald Trump and running for president after sexual harassment. The evangelicals and the Republican leaders in 2016 at least pretended they were bothered," she said. "For a few days, they canceled events with Trump. They distanced themselves and went to a corner and prayed about it. This time, they haven't even batted an eyelash. They're not even pretending to be bothered about it. That's how low the bar has come."

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