Watch: Republican gets slapped down after calling on committee to ‘look into’ Dem’s remarks

During a House committee hearing this Wednesday on the subject of Twitter's response to the Hunter Biden laptop story, Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL) accused Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) of making a "very troubling statement claiming that as vice president, Joe Biden fired the attorney general of Ukraine."

"Since he had knowledge of this prior to becoming a member of Congress, Mr. Goldman should provide to the committee documentation about this action. We should know who authorized President Biden to take this action against the Ukrainian attorney general, we need to know was there an investigation to justify the firing ... and if yes, who conducted it."

In his response, Goldman pointed out that he did not say Biden fired the Ukrainian official, only that it was "official U.S. and European policy to encourage Ukraine to fire him, which they did."

Goldman went to explain, "What I say is not evidence, and neither is what any of our Republican colleagues say on the other side of the aisle," adding that only the witness testimony before the committee counts as evidence.

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Goldman said that if Palmer really wants to know about what happened with Ukraine's former attorney general Viktor Mykolayovych Shokin, all he has to do is read the New York Post story that was censored by Twitter.

"Because in that story, Shokin admitted that he never opened an investigation into Burisma," Goldman said, adding that for "two years, Rudy Giuliani had been peddling Shokin's bogus story, including with agents of Russian intelligence."

Watch the full exchange below or at this link.