'Haven’t seen this level of anxiety and loathing' among Republicans in years: CBS News' Robert Costa
Kevin McCarthy on Twitter.

Disappointing results for the Republican Party on Tuesday's midterm elections are reportedly leading to chaos within the Republican House caucus.

CBS News' Robert Costa reports that even though Republicans are still in position to take over the House of Representatives, Republican leader Kevin McCarthy's grasp on the speakership appears potentially tenuous as rebellious far-right members could wield enough clout to eject him.

"Haven’t seen this level of anxiety and loathing since late 2015 as Trump ascended," Costa writes on Twitter. "Widespread consensus that McCarthy still in a position to be Speaker if Rs win House. But his allies now wonder: at what cost? With what kind of power?"

Costa went on to list Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) as the most likely potential challenger to McCarthy should Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and other Trump-loving lawmakers decide to stage a coup, although he noted Scalise has little appetite to initiate such a fight.

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"One reason Scalise and others don’t want to mix it up with McCarthy, I’m told, is that McCarthy was chief recruiter for 2010 wave," he reports. "He is leader now. Remains main recruiter. To go at McCarthy, it’s not about toppling him but untangling a decade+ of cultivated relationships with House Rs."