'Really dangerous path': Adam Kinzinger slams GOP for 'celebrating' theft of Hunter Biden's data
Justice Department turns up the heat on Hunter Biden: report

Former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) warned his one-time GOP colleagues in Congress that they are on a "dangerous path" by touting information seized from Hunter Biden's laptop, in an interview on CNN Wednesday.

This comes as attorneys representing the president's son demand an investigation by the Justice Department's National Security Division into the theft of that data, outlining that they consider their client to be a victim of a crime.

"I mean, it's not a coincidence, do you think, that this is happening just ahead of, you know, the hearings and a potential Justice Department move into the investigation to his taxes," said anchor Anderson Cooper. "Congressman Kinzinger, the timing seems related?"

"Yeah. I think it is related," said Kinzinger. "I think, look, once you had — when the Democrats had control of the House, really of the Hunter Biden laptop story was certain cable news channels, on the internet, it was on, you know, talk radio. Now this will be, you know, a — because of Congress' oversight, because of their ability to set the agenda, this will now be, quote, unquote, a 'legitimate discussion topic.'"

Kinzinger added that if he were a lawyer and advising Hunter Biden right now, he would say that "you have to go on offense on this."

"There is no difference in having stolen the data — I mean, a computer shop owner who Hunter Biden gave a laptop to fix, who stole his data, which to me has been incredible from the very beginning that has not been the bigger story," said Kinzinger. "This is the equivalent of hacking into somebody. And to celebrate this and say there's no problem, I've never understood it and I think it's a really dangerous path for the GOP to go down."

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