'I would be very worried if' I was defending Trump in his New York tax case: NYU law professor
Donald Trump (Shutterstock.com)

Speaking with CNN host Kate Bolduan, a New York University law professor who formerly worked in the Department of Defense said Donald Trump has a major legal problem building in New York that looks to be so strong that the ex-president would be wise to focus on it.

According to Ryan Goodman, not all of the investigations into Trump will end in an indictment but a few should be causing him immediate concern.

"I think that the two fastest moving trains are the New York District Attorney's office where they've engaged in this investigation of President Trump's taxes and insurance statements and things like that for quite some time," Goodman stated before adding for emphasis, "and there has been a lot of reporting that the investigation is heating up."

"And then in the second one that is definitely coming out of Fulton County in Georgia, in which the district attorney has been explicit she's investigating potential election interference and that it is a high priority and by all accounts she's looking directly at President Trump," he added.

"Just broadly speaking, when you look at what [CNN's] Boris [Sanchez] laid out, the investigation being phased are the ones being fast-tracked, how serious do you think the legal liability, the jeopardy that Donald Trump is facing right now," Bolduan pressed.

"So if I were him or his attorneys, I would be very worried about the New York authorities and then the Georgia authorities," he replied. "I might be a little bit less worried about the D.C. authorities but still it is a concern and a worry. The New York authorities will be able to prove their case easily or not based on documents. So it is pretty straightforward in that regard. The Georgia case -- the district attorney certainly seems like she's fully committed to this -- has 19 years experience as a prosecutor and she has multiple witnesses and potentially has multiple people she could flip because she's also indicated, there is reports that it is indicated, that her investigation might implicate others like Rudy Giuliani."

"So there are many ways in which she has extraordinary power to do something there and it is a potential felony under Georgia law which is not subject to any kind of federal pardon," he added.

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