'Mike Pence will see the inside of a federal grand jury room': ex-prosecutor
Mike Pence / Gage Skidmore

Former Vice President Mike Pence will soon be testifying before a federal grand jury as part of special counsel Jack Smith's investigation into Donald Trump's unsuccessful attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election he lost to Joe Biden, a former federal prosecutor predicted on MSNBC on Saturday.

MSNBC anchor Yasmin Vossoughian interviewed former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner after the DOJ indicated it wanted to interview Pence.

"What if he refuses? Vossoughian asked. "What tools does he have in his toolbox to in fact refuse, because that's exactly what he did to the House investigating committee.

"Yes, Yasmin, I would bet $1 -- that's my betting limit, I'm not a high roller -- that Mike Pence will see the inside of a federal grand jury, hearing room," Kirschner said.

"He kind of infamously told Congress, the Jan. 6 committee, that he was, 'closing the door' on appearing before them," he explained. "And he also said, seven words that I think should leave the American voters to decide that he is unqualified to hold office in the future. He said, 'Congress has no right to my testimony.' When we realized that Congress is involved in an investigation to try to legislate, try to pass new laws, to prevent what happened on Jan. 6, from ever happening again, an attack on democracy, peaceful transfer of power, Mike Pence has some of the most directly relevant evidence, because he is what we call a fact witness."

"He was the victim of Donald Trump's pressure campaign, trying to get him to violate the law, the electoral count act, and Mike Pence has said Congress -- and by extension the American people -- have no right to my testimony," Kirschner said. "I don't understand how he can maintain that when he's a central figure with some of the most important evidence."

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