FBI informant reveals how agency ignored warnings about Jan. 6 violence
FBI Director Christopher Wray tells the Senate Judiciary Committee that Russia is still trying to interfere in US elections (AFP Photo/Saul LOEB)

An FBI informant is coming forward as the public waits for the full report from the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack and attempt to overthrow the 2020 election. The information reveals that the FBI knew that far-right militia groups saw Trump's call to Washington as a call to arms, NBC News reported.

On Dec. 19, 2020, former President Donald Trump took to Twitter to tell his supporters they were needed in Washington on Jan. 6 as Congress was set to certify the election. Trump encouraged them that it would be “wild.”

"That tip to the FBI, from a source who is still used by the bureau and spoke on the condition of anonymity, warned there was a 'big' threat of violence on Jan. 6. It was among hundreds of pages of reports viewed by NBC News that this source sent to the FBI in the weeks before the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol," NBC reported. "The email, which has not been previously reported, warned that the Trump tweet was 'gaining hold' on social media."

“Trump tweeted what people on the right are considering a call to arms in DC on Jan 6,” the source wrote in a tip to the FBI the afternoon of Dec. 19, Trump tweeted his "will be wild" tweet at 1:42 a.m.

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Part of the conversation as the Jan. 6 report is released is about the law enforcement's failure to warn the Capitol and the mayor of Washington, D.C. so that they could adequately prepare for the violence.

"The information the source sent to the bureau in the weeks before the attack, pulled from extremist chatter on a variety of social media forums, included discussion of civil war, talk of hanging traitors and calls for militias to take up arms," the report explained.

According to the informant, messages that were appearing said things like "war is inevitable." Another bragged that they were "locked and loaded" and "my powder is dry, my guns are clean." One even bragged, "I'm not afraid of death and I'll gladly take lives for the preservation of our country." One of the "boogaloo" extremists even displayed his information noting he was ready to die in D.C. on Jan. 6.

“We all must join/link forces and be ready to leave our lives behind,” that boogaloo extremist wrote in a message that was sent to the FBI. “We must pool resources and fight like there’s no tomorrow! The Constitution still lives and we must preserve it. Blood is the price of freedom.”

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The idea of fighting for the country or the preservation of America has been a key piece of Trump's language as recently as Monday when he claimed in a statement on his social media site "corrupt cowards hate our country." Four days ago he proclaimed: "Our Country is SICK inside, very much like a person dying of Cancer. The Crooked FBI, the so-called Department of 'Justice,' and 'Intelligence,' all parts of the Democrat Party and System, is the Cancer. These Weaponized Thugs and Tyrants must be dealt with, or our once great and beautiful Country will die!!!"

Speaking to MSNBC on Tuesday, Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-CA) said that the final report will have details about the intelligence failure ahead of Jan. 6, but that there are conflicting stories.

"You'll get a more complete and thorough analysis, and you will get an answer to that," Aguilar promised. "In some cases, there is conflicting information from people who were there. And I think that that's fair. And I think that's something that we also aren't shy to discuss. But what I would underscore, is exactly what you said in that executive summary. Nobody could understand or contemplate the fact the president would summon the mob to Washington, D.C., that he knew that they were armed, and that he would point to the United States Capitol and tell people to go there."

Read the full report from NBC News.