Jeffrey Epstein blackmailed his victims into silence using 'dossiers' of 'damaging information': report
Jeffrey Epstein (mug shot)

On Thursday, The Daily Beast reported new details on how former billionaire wealth manager Jeffrey Epstein kept the young girls he trafficked from going to the police or otherwise subverting his wishes.

"A survivor of Jeffrey Epstein's sex ring claims that a financial advisory firm linked to the deceased trafficker 'coaxed' women into marriages, put their names on falsified documents, and kept dossiers on victims — and that the pedophile financier loaned her out to his powerful friends for abuse, according to new court papers," reported Kate Briquelet. "Priscilla Doe, a New York ballet dancer who says Epstein abused her from 2006 to 2012, spells out more disturbing accusations against the wealthy sex-offender and a mysterious corporate entity known as HBRK Associates Inc. The firm was once registered to Richard Kahn, Epstein's longtime accountant and co-executor of his roughly $210-million estate."

An attorney for Epstein, who died in prison in 2019 of apparent suicide, denies these allegations.

This comes after an allegation in another lawsuit by one of his victims, who said he threatened to throw her into a pool of alligators if she revealed he had raped her.

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