Former acting Trump AG will publicly testify there's no proof of widespread election fraud
Department of Transportation official portrait of Jeffrey A. Rosen

The man whom former President Donald Trump appointed to be his acting attorney general in the wake of Bill Barr's resignation will publicly testify to the House Select Committee investigating January 6th on Thursday that there is no proof that the 2020 election was stolen.

CNN has obtained a copy of Rosen's pre-prepared remarks and they show the former Trump DOJ official will directly contradict the former president's claims of widespread election fraud.

"Some argued to the former President and public that the election was corrupt and stolen," Rosen will say. "That view was wrong then and it is wrong today, and I hope our presence here today helps reaffirm that fact."

During his brief tenure as acting AG, Rosen was asked by Trump to declare the 2020 election "corrupt" as a pretext for sending certified votes back to Republican-controlled state legislatures.

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When Rosen resisted, Trump then mulled appointing loyalist Jeffrey Clark as his new acting AG. The former president backed off when Rosen and multiple other top DOJ officials, as well as White House counsel Pat Cipollone, threatened to resign in protest.

Rosen's testimony will come as part of a hearing that will examine how Trump attempted to use the Department of Justice to stay in power despite having lost the 2020 election to President Joe Biden.