MAGA rioter jailed before trial after judge learns he tried to flee to Switzerland
Capitol Insurrectionists (Shutterstock)

A Trump supporter who allegedly beat police officers during the Jan. 6 Capitol riots was ordered to stay in jail ahead of his trial after it was revealed that he tried to flee to Switzerland.

CNN reports that Judge Emmet Sullivan on Wednesday ruled that MAGA rioter and professional geophysicist Jeffrey Sabol was "the epitome of a flight risk" after he tried to book a flight to Switzerland after the riots because he believed the country would shield him from extradition.

Sullivan also wrote that Sabol should remain in jail before trial due to the violent actions he took against Capitol police officers during the riots.

"He stripped a vulnerable police officer of his police baton," Sullivan wrote. "He then used that stolen police baton to force another officer away from his post and into a mob of rioters who proceeded to viciously attack him, leaving him bleeding from the head."

After being apprehended by police in February, Sabol declared that he "was fighting tyranny in the D.C. Capitol" during the riots, although his attorneys told the court this week that he had been "lied to" about the 2020 election by former president Donald Trump, former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and longtime Trump ally Roger Stone.