Infamous Capitol rioter Jenna Ryan cries ‘persecution’ after ‘hit piece’ replaces 'Jesus' with 'Trump' in her new song
Jenna Ryan. (YouTube/Screen cap)

Jenna Ryan, the infamous Dallas-area realtor who flew to Washington on a private plane before participating in the Jan. 6 insurrection, claims she's being persecuted by a local newspaper that published an article about her newly released song.

"This article about me in the Dallas Observer is persecution," Ryan wrote on Twitter early Wednesday. "I have the right to be a Christian. Writing a hit-piece about my expression of faith is not cool."

In the Observer article, contributor Danny Gallagher compared the story of Ryan to "an onion."

"Every time a new layer is exposed to the atmosphere, it smells like hell, but you can't help but take a huge whiff," Gallagher wrote. "The latest odorous bit of news comes in musical form."

Gallagher went on to break down the lyrics of "My Failing Heart," the original song Ryan recorded and released last week on her self-help YouTube channel, SelfLoveU.

While the song appears to be about Ryan's Christian faith, Gallagher satirically claims there is "something much deeper at work here," and suggests it is actually about former president Donald Trump.

"Here's a fun game! Go back and replace the words 'Jesus,' 'somebody,' 'someone,' 'anybody' and 'God' with 'Trump,' 'Donald' or 'My Donny-wonny' and try not to laugh at the results," Gallagher writes. "You may dislocate your jaw in the process, but it's worth it."

Gallagher goes on to quip that certain parts of the song make him feel sorry for Ryan, because she sounds like "that poor kid at the prom who couldn't get a date" and is forced to watch as "the happy couples on the dance floor partying with Trump."

"Don't worry. The feeling will pass," he writes. "Just as we imagined Ryan mouthing the teary words to 'Endless Love,' we remembered she reassured us she's not going to jail because 'I have blonde hair white skin a great job a great future' (sic) just like she actually did on Twitter."

Read the full story here, and listen to the song below.

My Falling Heart - ♫ Song Written & Performed by Jenna Ryan ♫