Trump insider reveals possibly illegal scheme ex-president used to ensure loyalty from underlings

The ex-wife of a top Trump Organization executive has spoken "multiple times" with investigators in Manhattan as part of the probe into the former president's business dealings.

Jennifer Weisselberg told NBC News she believes investigators are seeking evidence against her former father-in-law Allen Weisselberg -- the longtime chief financial officer for Donald Trump -- who prosecutors are reportedly trying to flip as a witness in the probe.

"He discusses everything with him," Jennifer Weisselberg said, "and Donald trusts him to continue the legacy the way his father set things up."

The former ballet dancer was married 14 years to Barry Weisselberg, the longtime manager of a Trump-operated ice rink in Central Park, and she has turned over documents to investigators in Manhattan district attorney Cy Vance's office, but she declined to discuss specifics in the case.

"I think it's important that I don't compromise the investigation," she said.

Investigators are looking into the couple's living arrangements in a Central Park apartment where they lived rent-free for several years, which Jennifer Weisselberg said Trump offered them as a wedding gift around the time they tied the knot in 2004.

"I wrote them a thank you note," she said.

However, the property was a corporate apartment owned by the Trump Organization, and the arrangement may have legal implications if it wasn't properly accounted.

The couple paid only about $400 a month for utilities, and the apartment sold in 2014 for $2.85 million in a deal signed by Trump himself.

Jennifer Weisselberg said she didn't know much about the arrangement, but she believes it was part of Trump's strategy for ensuring loyalty from his employees.

"They control people by compensating you with homes and things," Weisselberg said. "It's not easy to walk away when they provide your home."

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