joe biden
President Joe Biden (Photo: Screen capture)

President Joe Biden has so far resisted calling out Republicans as unfit to serve over their abandonment of democracy, and one columnist thinks it's "weird."

The former president's allies continue to push Donald Trump's election fraud lies as evidence mounts of GOP members of Congress working to overturn the 2020 election, and Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin wonders why the current president is failing to stand up against those efforts to undermine democracy.

"Biden certainly does not want to interfere with legal investigations, but he has the authority and the obligation to explain why Republicans are unfit to serve," Rubin wrote. "It’s weird that he has resisted doing so forcefully, despite all the evidence of a massive assault on democracy."

In addition to their schemes to undo Trump's election loss two years ago and lay the groundwork for stealing the next election, Republican legislatures are punishing Disney for criticizing their work and GOP leadership are blatantly lying about all of it without consequence.

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"Quite simply, politicians are a menace to democracy when they think they are beyond accountability, free from the obligation to follow the will of the voters and able to use instruments of power to punish enemies," Rubin wrote. "It is not simply Disney’s tax status or a single primary debate that is at stake. Republicans are showing they cannot be trusted to properly exercise government authority or leave office when they lose."

The media has failed to hold them to account, but Rubin said the president has failed to fulfill his own responsibilities.

"No one other than the president has the megaphone to explain this and to raise the stakes for the 2022 election," she wrote. "Biden need not ignore economic issues to make the case, and it would be unwise and irresponsible not to hammer home this message. It will also take more than one speech or one ad buy to drive home the message. The threat that the GOP poses to democracy must be a constant refrain."