Trump-endorsed candidate humiliates himself during ‘excruciating’ podcast with teenage ‘white nationalists’: conservative

A Donald Trump-endorsed Republican candidate is being accused of groveling before a teenage white nationalist after previously distancing himself from another right-wing extremist.

Joe Kent, a primary challenger to Rep. Jaime Herrera-Beutler (R-WA), has been getting strategy advice from white nationalist live streamer Nick Fuentes, whose politics he was forced to condemn -- but he then popped up on a white nationalist podcast to re-ingratiate himself with the racist right, reported The Bulwark.

"Kent’s attempt to re-ingratiate himself with youthful confederates was streamed live in an excruciating 47-minute interview with the American Populist Union that was billed as an attempt to “set the record straight” on L’affair Fuentes," wrote conservative Bulwark columnist Tim Miller. "What is the APU? It’s a group of teens and post-teens who are trying to advance Christian white identity politics through memes and ugly sunglasses. They’ve been called the 'forgotten gamers of America.' This interview was Kent’s second appearance before them. So he clearly sees them as a key constituency."

The GOP candidate appeared with APU's chief content officer David Carlson, who grilled Kent over his disavowal of Fuentes' politics as viewers poured right-wing memes into the comment section, and he agreed with the podcaster's question that white Americans faced discrimination.

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"To say that the culture is anti-white, to say that the culture is anti-straight-white-male, like, yeah, I feel like that’s fairly easy to bring receipts to," Kent said.

Kent also walked back his criticism of Fuentes' "divisive" rhetoric on race and religion, saying he had to say that to win election.

"That’s more of a tactics thing," Kent said. "If he wants to do that with his brand like that’s fine, that’s his thing, however if we are trying to win elections I don’t see that as a very good strategy."

The Republican primary challenger also seemed to agree with Carlson's "white genocide" question about whether America could be "lost" if minorities came to outnumber whites.

"It has a lot more to do with, like, who are we bringing in," Kent said. "I think America is very lucky in the fact that like the people to our south, the Hispanic community, most of them are Christians, they're Catholic, right, so I think that’s why they are so easy to kind of absorb. Again, I don’t want to absorb all. But we are very lucky compared to Europe, who, their version of Mexico is Africa and the Middle East where there’s drastic cultural and religious differences, so we’re fortunate in that place."

"I don’t know what the ideal ratio is, I would never want to look at it in terms of racial percentages, I would want to keep it very close to the way it is right now," Kent added.

"Joe Kent is a grown-a** man who let a racist brat browbeat him into admitting on video that he does, in fact, share their white nationalist ideology, but that he doesn’t think it’s a good campaign strategy to say it out loud," Miller wrote. "Humiliating. Shameful."

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