John Bolton doubles down on trashing Trump's Senate candidates -- and warns they could be 'fatal' to GOP hopes
US National Security Advisor John Bolton will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, followed by talks with his Israeli and Russian counterparts AFP/File

Former Trump national security adviser John Bolton on Friday continued bashing the candidates that have been hand-picked by former President Donald Trump to retake the Senate for the Republican Party.

Via the New York Times' Maggie Haberman, Bolton on Friday released a set of polling numbers from a survey he conducted showing that four Trump-backed candidates in key races -- Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania, Herschel Walker in Georgia, J.D. Vance in Ohio, and Ted Budd in North Carolina -- all trail their Democratic opponents.

Bolton's poll is not the only one showing trouble for Trump-backed candidates, as a Fox News poll released on Thursday showed Oz losing to rival John Fetterman by double digits.

Commenting on the results, Bolton said they should serve as a wakeup call to Republicans who pledge undying fealty to Trump.

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"Whatever Trump's role in the nominating process, his role in the coming general elections can be fatal to GOP efforts to gain outright control of the Senate," Bolton argued. "Trump's fixation on himself and the 2020 election are poisonous to independent and undecided voters. Republican candidates who hope to win in November are risking political suicide if they stress their closeness to Trump."

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