'Bunko artist': Roger Stone lashes out at pro-Trump 'grifter'
Roger Stone / Shutterstock

Notorious GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone had harsh words for a prominent supporter of Donald Trump.

"The Daily Beast is rarely accurate but in this case they have correctly identified a grifter, con-man, bunko artist and exploiter of vulnerable single women," Stone posted to Donald Trump's Truth Social website.

Stone linked to a Daily Beast story on John Cardillo titled, "Pro-Trump Pundit Accused of Pocketing $200K Meant for Ukraine Body Armor."

"A former Newsmax TV host, Cardillo is prominent enough on the right to recently dine at the Florida governor’s mansion with potential 2024 contender Ron DeSantis," The Beast reported. "But Cardillo has a little-known second job as an arms dealer operating in the former Eastern bloc, selling ammunition and body armor under the name M42 Tactical from his Fort Lauderdale home. According to a recently filed lawsuit, he doesn’t always deliver and now stands accused of stiffing Ukraine’s embattled government on a delivery of almost $200,000 in body armor."

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Stone used the hashtag for "human scum."

"This isn’t the first time Cardillo or a business he owns or controls has ended up in court after allegedly failing to meet his business obligations," The Beast reported. "While Cardillo cut a deal to provide armor to the Ukrainian government, he’s been less than supportive of the embattled country in the past. As Russian troops massed on Ukraine’s border in February, Cardillo tweeted that he 'couldn’t care less' whether Russia invaded. 'Just send us their hot women and call it a day,' Cardillo wrote."

Stone used the hashtag for "con-man" in a follow-up post.

"If this guy has an investment for you, wants to borrow money or date your sister run as far as you can," Stone wrote.