Trump-loving former Newsmax host accused of ripping off Ukraine in botched body armor deal
John Cardillo Twitter

A former Newsmax TV host who moonlights as an arms dealer has been accused of ripping off Ukraine for more than $200,000 in body armor.

John Cardillo, who's probably best known for his quarrelsome Twitter presence, peddles ammunition and body armor under the name M42 Tactical out of his home in Fort Lauderdale, but a new lawsuit claims he failed to deliver 250 body-armor kits to Ukraine's government in its fight against Russian troops, reported The Daily Beast.

“We will be pursuing vigorous discovery to find out how M42 actually used the money,” said attorney José Ferrer, who is representing the Ukraine-born Florida resident who contracted with Cardillo.

That plaintiff, Michael Bogachek, contracted with Cardillo's company on March 11 to buy body armor capable of withstanding AK-47 rifle shots for $196,250 and then deliver the equipment to Ukrainian police by April 20, but the armor had still not reached the embattled nation by late May.

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Bogachek sued Cardillo and his company on May 27 in Florida, alleging the Donald Trump-aligned pundit had left Ukrainian police without the armor he'd bought for them, but Cardillo responded in a court filing that he was unable to complete the order because Bogachek couldn't provide the end-user certificate required in the arms trade to make sure the armament would go to their intended recipient.

“Mr. Cardillo has been asking Mr. Bogachek for over six months to provide a final delivery address and End User Certificate,” said Cardillo’s lawyers Tom Mersch and Dennis Klein in a statement. “As a result, Ukrainians go without protection that could have and should have reached them months ago. The fault for THAT rests firmly on the shoulders (and conscience) of Mr. Bogachek and his attorney Mr. Ferrer.”

Cardillo, a former New York City police officer who has been repeatedly sued by clients, business partners and his own attorneys, often tweets about his business trips to Serbia, where he claims a "bunch" of Trump-loving "millennials" bought him shots to toast the former U.S. president in a bar, and he said "he couldn't care less" when Russian troops began massing on Ukraine's border in February.

“Just send us their hot women and call it a day,” Cardillo tweeted.