Trump's own campaign legal adviser John Eastman didn't believe what he was telling the president: J6 committee
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As part of her opening statement on the first of the June committee, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WI) showed several videos of former President Donald Trump's own staff, advisers and lawyers. All of them made it clear that they didn't believe that the 2020 election was fraudulent.

While legal adviser John Eastman has been among the many who rushed to Donald Trump's side with ideas for how to take the 2020 election, when he first joined the campaign, he never believed the conspiracy theories.

"You also hear about a lawyer named John Eastman," began that section of Cheney's statement. "Mr. Eastman was deeply involved in President Trump's plans. You will hear from former fort circuit federal judge Michael Luttig. A highly respectful conservative judge. John Eastman clerked for Judge Luttig. Judge Luttig provided counsel for the vice president's team before Jan. 6. The judge will explain how Eastman, 'was wrong at every turn.' And you will see the email exchange between Eastman and the vice president's counsel as the violent attack on congress was underway. Mr. Jacobs said this to Mr. Eastman: 'Thanks to your bullsh*t, we are under siege.'"

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"You will also see evidence that John Eastman did not actually believe the legal position that he was taking," Cheney continued. "In fact a month before the 2020 election, Eastman took exactly the opposite view on the same legal issues. In the course of the select committee's work to obtain information from Mr. Eastman, we have had occasion to present evidence to a federal judge. The judge evaluated the facts, and he reached the conclusion that President Trump's efforts to pressure Vice President Pence to act illegally by refusing to count electoral votes, likely violated to federal criminal statutes. And the judge also said this: 'If Dr. Eastman and President Trump's plan had worked, it will permanently end the peaceful transition of power, undermining American democracy and the Constitution.'"

See the video below or at this link.

Trump's own campaign legal adviser John Eastman didn't believe what he was telling the