'Hardcore' Trump fans are now pinning their hopes on this dubious treasure hunter in new effort to overturn election
Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. (Twitter.com)

A failed gadget inventor-turned-treasure hunter is the latest folk hero to emerge among Donald Trump's hardcore supporters, who remain convinced that evidence of election fraud will emerge to reinstall him in the White House.

The board of selectmen in Windham, New Hampshire, chose voting technology executive Mark Lindeman last month as auditor, but the town's Trump fans already want him replaced with inventor Jovan Hutton Pulitzer after learning Lindeman had criticized the Arizona audit being carried out by GOP lawmakers looking to overturn the November election, reported The Daily Beast.

"It was humbling, and scary as shit at the same exact time, right?" Pulitzer told The Daily Beast. "What an honor, but what a weight on someone's shoulders."

Hundreds of Pulitzer's backers disrupted a Board of Selectmen meeting last week demanding Lindeman's removal after the town's audit was boosted by right-wing media -- including the new blog launched by the twice-impeached one-term president after his banishment from Twitter and Facebook.

"He's watching Windham, New Hampshire," Trump adviser Jason Miller told Newsmax TV. "These are things he's paying a lot of attention to."

The audit will cover the eight-way race for four state representative seats, after fifth-place Democratic candidate Kristi St. Laurent, who lost by just 24 votes behind the race's four Republican candidates, requested a recount.

After the recount, St. Laurent's total dropped by 99 votes, while all four GOP candidates gained about 300 votes, and Republican Gov. Chris Sununu authorized a forensic audit with bipartisan support in the New Hampshire legislature.

The audit is intended only to settle the legislative race, but Trump supporters see it as one more chance to prove the former president, who lost New Hampshire by 59,000 votes, was robbed of re-election.

"It's going to lead to potentially other dominoes falling," said Boston talk radio host Jeff Kuhner. "Minnesota, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and yes, New Hampshire. Now whether it will lead to Trump coming back to power? I don't think so. But that's almost besides the point. It will lead to a national reckoning."

That's where Trump fans think Pulitzer, who invented the CueCat code-scanning device named one of the "worst tech products of all time," comes in.

Pulitzer has presented himself as a "pattern recognition expert" since the election, and claims to have technology that could detect "kinematic folds," which he says could somehow prove ballot fraud -- and Trump fans across the country have demanded that he be allowed to examine ballots in areas where the former president lost.

He repeatedly refused to provide examples of his technology to The Daily Beast, and he offered a bizarre response when a reporter asked to confirm that he'd described himself as "geek and a nerd hiding out in a biker's body."

"Now lets fact check that.....um yep, I am definitely the third category.........FACT CHECK COMPLETE," Pulitzer wrote, providing screen shots of Google image searches for geeks, nerds and bikers. "Although - granted it is a conservative individual fact check and you may have to find a way to dispute it. Wow, that's deep reporting!"

In December 2020, Pulitzer posted a photo of himself with Rudy Giuliani at a Georgia State Senate hearing, where he falsely claimed that he "hacked" the state's voting machines.

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