Michigan domestic terrorist with farmhouse full of swords wanted to create 'white ethnostate'
Justen Watkins. (Michigan Attorney General's Office)

On Tuesday, Deadline Detroit reported on new details of an arrested 25-year-old man from Bad Axe, Michigan, who served as the leader of the infamous neo-Nazi group The Base.

"Bridge Michigan reports on the case of Justen Watkins, a 25-year-old from Bad Axe described as the national leader of a neo-Nazi group that envisions 'white ethno states' in the Upper Peninsula and other rural area," said the report. "The agent said Watkins ran training drills and 'then used propaganda from [those] hate camps to recruit' more members, according to Jonathan Oosting of Bridge." The two of them allegedly targeted Daniel Harper, who co-hosts the anti-white nationalism podcast "I Don't Speak German."

A previous report by the Huron Daily Tribune revealed that his farmhouse in Bad Axe contained a variety of tactical and surveillance equipment, as well as multiple blades: "The only weapons listed were a machete, a 'Sword with Nazi Symbol' and a modified knife." He was arrested multiple times, including in April for breaking into a building at the group's former training camp.

Cells of The Base have popped up around the country, with authorities busting multiple terrorists at a training area in Georgia. Last year, raids, in Georgia and Delaware caught another member, Patrik Mathews, a former Canadian reservist who had reportedly been marked for assassination by his fellow white supremacists for incompetence.