Watch: Illinois teacher calls student the N-word for walking out of class
Black teen girl covers her ears (Shutterstock)

An Illinois teacher was placed on paid leave after using a racial slur in a classroom incident recorded on video.

The teacher, whose name wasn't released by Kankakee School District 111, used the N-word during a "minor conflict" with a student who was apparently leaving the classroom without permission, reported WFLD-TV.

"The video is a system of a much larger societal issue," said superintendent Genevra A. Walters. "Although this is a disheartening situation for our students, families and public education, the root of the problem must be addressed in a systemic way. In light of the circumstances, we are proud of how the students handled the situation."

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Students who witnessed the incident said they were shocked by the outburst, and the district described some students' reactions as "nervous laughter."

The Kankakee High School principal will make a recommendation after an investigation to the human resources department and the board of education about a possible disciplinary action.

Watch video below or at this link.