Financial analyst blows a hole in Kanye West's plan to take over far-right Parler
Kanye West (Photo via AFP)

During an appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," financial analyst and CNBC "Squawk Box" host Andrew Ross Sorkin smirked and laughed at a report that hip-hop star and former reality show participant Kanye West plans to buy the far-right social media platform known as Parler.

Early Monday morning, Axios reported that West "has entered into 'an agreement in principle'" to purchase Parler from parent company Parlement Technologies, with the company issuing a statement that adds that, Axios reports, "Parler has agreed to sell fully to Ye, but Parler will continue to receive technical support from Parlement Technologies, including access to its private cloud services and its data center infrastructure."

As the report notes, Parler was created as an alternative to far more popular Twitter but has been eclipsed by Donald Trump's Truth Social which is now facing its own financial difficulties.

Asked about the report later Monday morning, Ross Sorkin, laughed and rolled his eyes before responding to "Morning Joe" co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

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"Oh, goodness gracious," he laughed. "Elon Musk is going to own Twitter, Trump will own Truth Social , and Kanye will own Parler. By the way, Peter Thiel and J.D. Vance will own something called Rumble. So the new media mogul-dom is owning one of these things."

"Parler, as you know, had sort of fallen off a bit in part because it had been taken as a competitor to Truth Social and to Twitter and everything else," he elaborated. "What Ye, as he's now calling himself, will do with all of this, I do not know."

"And given all his anti-Semitic screeds and other comments he's made, he was just out talking about how he thinks that George Floyd was killed by fentanyl or something crazy. I don't know who's going to be on this platform, if advertisers will want to back this platform -- we will see."

Scarborough then chimed in, "You know, it's a free country, if they want to lose all their money in investments, it is up to them, But they will lose their money."

Watch video below or at this link.

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