Kellyanne Conway says 'sad and frustrated' Trump needs to stop obsessing over 2020 if he wants to be in the White House again
Kellyanne Conway answers reporters questions in the White House driveway. (

Former senior Donald Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway expressed her concern about the Republican leader's obsession about the 2020 election, the Washington Times reported.

Trump continues to watch the House Select Committee footage, posting comments on his social media site and ranting about people who worked for him.

The conservative outlet explained that Trump could even win the Republican nomination in 2024, but only if he stops talking about 2020 and sucks up that he lost.

Conway swears that despite Trump's rants about the Jan. 6 attack, his team selling him out and losing the 2020 election, he's actually “sad and frustrated” about the direction of the country.

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Conway claimed that Biden and Harris ruined the country, citing blaming high gas prices on green energy and attacked the Afghanistan withdrawal after the deal Trump made with the Taliban.

“The second reason he wants to run is because Donald Trump is uniquely positioned to say, ‘I can do it because I already did it,'" Conway claimed.

“If President Trump wants to run in 2024, and he does … he should just look forward and project a vision forward, go to the future and recognize that every great presidential candidate, including him in 2016, has that vision of looking forward and reflects the people’s grievances, not his own grievances, the people’s grievances — their economic … anxiety and uncertainty, their feeling of … uncertainty and chaos and crisis everywhere we look, and reflect to them that he is the guy who will come and mitigate if not eliminate all of that,” she said.

She teased one of Trump's favorites, "the rallies" which she called "vintage Trump 2015-2016."

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“All of that [Trump agenda] was so compelling, and people understood exactly why he was running and what they would get,” she said. “A combination of vintage Trump with those amazing accomplishments in 2020, he can be unstoppable in 2024.”

She went on to attack Ron DeSantis, saying that he might be "unbelievably strong," he never would have been elected if it wasn't for Donald Trump.

She also blamed the 2020 loss on Jared Kushner, saying that he's trying to "wash his hands" of his role while scoring billions for his own business.

“There’s nobody who’s profited more handsomely from Donald Trump’s presidency than Jared Kushner,” Conway continued. “If you believe the news reports … he’s gotten billions of dollars for his [investment] fund.”

She clearly believes that Mr. Trump would be making a mistake to campaign in 2024 on his claims that the election was stolen from him in 2020, although she believes the election wasn’t conducted fairly.

She refused to talk about the stolen election, saying that people like Rudy Giuliani had time to show evidence and didn't.

“We’ve got to move on," she said.

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