GOP Leader brazenly lies about Biden following president's first address to Congress
Fox News screengrab.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) went on Fox News to lie about President Joe Biden.

On Monday, Fox News reporter John Roberts conceded that Joe Biden's climate plans do not actually limit consumption of meat. CNN's fact checker described it as "completely imaginary." But the lie has continued among Republicans.

But two days later McCarthy repeated the lie during an appearance on Sean Hannity.

"He just continues, he wants control of your life. He's going to control how much meat you can eat. Can you imagine that?" McCarthy asked, as he imagined something Biden has not proposed.

CNN reminds, "Biden has not proposed any limit on Americans' red meat consumption. In fact, he has not proposed any limit on Americans' consumption of any food. The false claim about Biden trying to restrict people to four pounds of red meat per year appears to have originated with a deceptive Thursday article by the British tabloid The Daily Mail. The article baselessly connected Biden's climate proposals to an academic paper from 2020 that is not about Biden and says nothing about the government imposing dietary limits."