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On Friday, "Morning Joe" co-host Joe Scarborough went on an extensive diatribe attacking Republicans for not only continuing their support for Donald Trump but also for making a fuss about the train derailment accident in Ohio that they and the former president had a hand in with their drive for deregulation.

As the MSNBC host noted, the GOP outrage at President Joe Biden's response to the toxic crash is only drawing attention to their own failures.

Scarborough started off by lashing out at House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), telling his co-hosts that MCarthy's decision to release video from the Jan. 6 insurrection to Fox News also put the focus on Republicans for being "stupid" about their Trump attachment.

"You know, Kevin McCarthy's extraordinarily reckless decision to release all the tape from January 6th," he began.

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"All that is going to do, regardless of who you release it to, it is going to turn America's attention, Kevin," he continued, directly addressing the speaker, "Back to when Donald Trump helped start a riot, to try to overturn an election, to try to overturn American democracy. And his people, his people almost killed you and almost killed other members of the House and the Senate. Do you know how I know that? Because you called him on January 6th screaming."

"You went on the floor," he recalled. "You went on the floor and you rightly condemned Donald Trump. I was so proud of you, finally showing some backbone. Finally showing some spine. Finally putting the safety of those that you work with ahead of your own craven political ambitions. And then you backed down, you backed down and you groveled."

"Why are we bringing this up, Kevin? We're bringing this up because you keep bringing it up and this is just yet another self-own by Republicans. They can't stop. For god's sake, I'm exhausted!" the MSNBC host ranted. "And it is a self-own, just like Trump doing what he did in East Palestine is a self-own. Just about everything they do is a self-own these days."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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