A local broadcaster shredded Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) in a scathing on-air editorial.

Kyle Clark, a KUSA-TV anchor, scolded his fellow journalists for holding the Colorado Republican to a much different standard than other elected officials in the state.

"We hold Congresswoman Boebert to a far lower standard," Clark said. "If we held her to the same standard as every other elected Republican or Democrat in Colorado, we would be here near nightly chronicling the cruel, false and bigoted things that Boebert says for attention and fundraising."

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"This is not about politics, assuming politics is still about things like taxes, national security, health care, jobs and public lands. This is about us, as journalists, recognizing that we'll hold the politicians accountable if they say something vile once, but we won't do it if they do it every day."

"Our double standard is unfair to all the elected officials in Colorado, Republicans and Democrats, who display human decency," he added.

TV anchor scolded fellow journalists for holding Colorado Republican Boebert to different standard www.youtube.com

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