Lauren Boebert gets walloped at hearing for her ‘efforts to blame the victim’
Lauren Boebert (Photo by Michael Reynolds for AFP)

The House Oversight Committee held its first hearing this Wednesday to investigate whether federal money allocated for COVID-19 assistance was spent improperly. The committee includes controversial Republicans like Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA), Lauren Boebert (CO), Paul Gosar (AZ) and Jim Jordan (OH).

During her speaking time, Boebert mentioned that American taxpayers were "defrauded a possible $560 billion as a result of the federal government's negligence in carrying out these federal COVID relief funding programs."

Boebert then asked, "Does anyone know an organization in America or around the world, public or private, that has been scammed out of $560 billion, and simply, is that okay? I certainly can't think of one and I don't think that it's okay either."

Boebert then asked the witnesses if they can think of anyone who's been fired or disciplined because they "failed to keep hundreds of billions of dollars from being stolen from the American taxpayer."

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After the panel of witnesses couldn't provide an answer, Boebert went on to cite more data regarding money that was improperly used throughout the pandemic, asking, "How the heck were these bureaucrats so dang incompetent that they were being scammed out of $35 million every hour for nearly two years?"

When it was New York Democratic Rep. Dan Goldman's turn to speak, he slammed Boebert's "effort to blame the victim for fraud by bad actors" and pointed out the money approved by Congress for pandemic relief "was both lifesaving and [economy] saving as we faced the worst pandemic in our history."

Watch the video below or at this link.