LISTEN: Lauren Boebert finally holds her town hall -- and the questions are absolutely brutal
KOAA interview via YouTube

After a postponement, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) held a virtual town hall on Thursday night where she was asked about some of her controversial comments and was eventually asked which prison she would like to go to if she is tried and convicted of treason.

While many questions and comments were supportive, things got off to a relatively bad start with the first question from a woman identified as "Carrie."

"Thank you so much, I'm so excited to speak with you congresswoman," Carrie began. "Just a couple things, first: your incendiary tweets have not addressed the 53,000 cases of COVID in District 3, nor have they addressed the 900 deaths in our district -- it's disgraceful. You have also condoned [Rep.] Marjorie Taylor Greene's incendiary tweets that promoted anti-semitism and racist comments."

"I want to know why you do ---" she continued before abruptly being cut off.

"I want to address COVID relief," the lawmaker inserted before launching into a discussion on "targeted relief" and vaccine availability and ignoring the questions about her tweets as well as those of the controversial Georgia lawmaker who was stripped of her committee assignments on Thursday by House members.

At the fifteen-minute mark, she was asked by a caller identifying herself as "Nicole" where she would like to be incarcerated after being tried for treason, which received a curt "Next question," from Boebert.

You can listen below: