Republican Lauren Boebert claims Equality Act would result in supremacy for 'transexhikes'

In conversation with former Trump adviser Steve Bannon on Wednesday, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) tied her tongue in knots trying to explain her opposition to the Equality Act, a bill that would enshrine in federal law anti-discrimination for sexual orientation and gender identity following a Supreme Court decision strengthening employment protections.

"The so-called Equality Act ... we all know that that's just the Democrats using a play on words," said Boebert, a pro-gun restauranteur from Rifle, Colorado, who has been accused of giving the Capitol rioters a tour. "There's nothing about equality in that act. If anything, it's the supremacy of gays, and lesbians, and, um — transexhikes [sic]. I mean, that's what this is about, it's about putting them higher than anyone else. It's not about equality."

Boebert clearly meant to say the word "transvestites," an archaic term for a person who cross-dresses as the other gender. The concept of cross-dressing is separate from gender identity.

Watch below: