Laurence Tribe actually praised Harvard Law colleague Alan Dershowitz for a Fox News appearance

Harvard Law professors emeriti Laurence Tribe and Alan Dershowitz have have had a long-running public feud.

During Donald Trump's first impeachment hearing, as Dershowitz defended the president, Tribe repeatedly dunked on his Harvard colleague for his arguments being legally indefensible.

Here's how The Harvard Crimson described the situation in February of 2020.

"When Harvard faculty members disagree, they often do so in polite speeches at faculty meetings and formal letters to deans. Harvard Law School professors Laurence H. Tribe '62 and Alan M. Dershowitz argue differently, though. The pair of legal scholars has spent the past several weeks engaging in a public, personal feud unlike perhaps any other at the University, sparked by Dershowitz's decision to defend President Donald J. Trump in his Senate impeachment trial," the student newspaper reported.

Both men spoke to the newspaper for the story.

"I thought that he had become a bit of a publicity hog and a celebrity seeking fellow who cared less about justice than about fame and fortune," Tribe said of Dershowitz. "Although I am hesitant to call out a friend and former colleague as being a danger to democracy, I finally decided that Alan Dershowitz because of his – at least, former – credibility had become such a danger that I could no longer hold back, and I, therefore, began to feel quite free to say what an idiotic argument I thought he was making."

"He is a zealot and a partisan," Dershowitz said of Tribe. "The critical senators seem to accept my argument, or at least to take it seriously. And I would expect that fellow academics would do the same."

But on Saturday, Tribe praised Dershowitz for scolding Laura Ingraham during an appearance on Fox News about vaccine mandates.

"Finallly, @AlanDersh pushes back against this evil lunacy," Tribe posted to Twitter, tagging his colleague.

"However badly he has previously disgraced himself, I'm truly happy he has at long last put these monsters in their place. Why? Because some people still take him seriously," Tribe explained.