Lawrence O’Donnell flabbergasted ‘stupidest man on earth’ hid the evidence in his desk
Lawrence O'Donnell with 'In His Desk' graphic / MSNBC screengrab.

MSNBC anchor Lawrence O'Donnell on Wednesday examined why it was is important that FBI agents allegedly seized classified information from Donald Trump's desk.

"The Trump lawyers, on Jun. 3, swore under oath that they were on that day, handing everything over to the FBI," O'Donnell reported. "When the FBI comes back with a search warrant, they find twice as many classified documents as the Trump lawyers handed over to them."

"And where did they find them? In his desk," O'Donnell continued. "In his desk! That's where the FBI found three classified documents when they executed the search warrant of Trump's home, in Donald Trump's desk! In his damn desk! That's where they were!"

"For well over 100 years now, going back to at least Sherlock Holmes, we have been treated to an endless array of mystery novels and short stories, and plays, and movies, and TV shows. They bring in a detective that struggles mightily to get into the mind of the brilliant criminal, to try to imagine, 'If I was the brilliant criminal, where would I hide the evidence of my crime, the proof of my crime?'"

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He continued by saying, "On the morning of August 8th, FBI agents had to imagine, 'If I was the stupidest man in the world, or maybe just the stupidest man who ever won the Electoral College, where would I hide the evidence of a crime?' And so the FBI went straight to Donald Trump's desk where they found three classified documents, which is exactly three more than Donald Trump was legally allowed to have in his desk."

O'Donnell concluded, "the only way those documents could be closer to Donald Trump is if they were in his pockets."

He explained how he keeps his passport in the upper-right drawer in his desk.

"I know exactly what's in the drawer with my passport, it's the most important drawer in the office. It's the drawer where the most important stuff goes," O'Donnell explained. "And so tonight, Donald Trump's sleep struggle it's going to be trying to fall asleep well he wonders if the FBI has been able to find his fingerprints on the classified documents that he was hiding in his desk."

Watch the video below or at this link.

Lawrence O'Donnell In His Desk

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