Lincoln Project creates mock instructional video to teach 'liars' how to deny COVID is real
(Photo by Hannah McKay /AFP)

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on in the United States, nearly 430,000 people have died. Still, some Republicans continue to deny that COVID-19 is real or that masks will protect people against the virus.

In a mock instructional video, the Lincoln Project ridiculed the Republicans, trying to teach other "liars" how to deny the virus was real using quotes from members of the party.

Step one, they said, is to downplay the danger. In the case of former President Donald Trump, downplaying the seriousness of the virus early on was key in spreading it and killing many Americans. He claimed it was nothing more than the flu for the first several months of the pandemic while telling others behind closed doors that it was deadly serious.

Step two, the Lincoln Project listed, is to mock any safety precautions and CDC recommendations to wear masks, wash hands or social distance. If there is one thing Trump didn't want to do, it was wear a mask. He spent most of 2020 mask-shaming anyone who dared to wear one around him. From reporters to White House staff, no one was safe from Trump's anti-mask bullying. Trump reportedly didn't like the way it looked on him.

Step three in the lies for COVID denialism is to attack the experts. When Dr. Anthony Fauci contradicted Trump, the former president benched the top infectious diseases expert and blocked him from appearing on television. When he disagreed with the science over hydroxychloroquine, Trump's economic adviser Peter Navarro screamed at him in front of other White House staffers.

Step four is to ignore the first three steps and take credit for the vaccine. When it was finally announced that vaccines worked, Trump took credit for the success saying that it was due to the money he allocated to funding. There was no money allocated to funding the vaccine for those drug companies, however, and the pharmaceutical companies openly said so, humiliating the president in the press.

In the end, if all of those steps fail, just blame the Democrats, the video says.

See it below: