Lindsey Graham's pleas for 'dead voter' evidence shows desire to 'perpetuate' fraud: former FBI official
Lindsey Graham (Photo by Chip Somodevilla for SAFO)

Reacting to newly released Jan 6 transcripts that showed Sen. Lindsey Graham pleading with Donald Trump's lawyers to give him a shred of evidence that there was 2020 election fraud, former FBI official Andrew McCabe claimed that showed the South Carolina Republican was desperate to help Donald Trump steal the election.

Speaking with "CNN This Morning" hosts Kaitlan Collins and Poppy Harlow, McCabe called out Graham based on testimony given by Trump lawyer Christina Bobb.

According to Bobb's testimony, "Senator Graham was saying... Just give me five dead voters; give me, you know, an example of illegals voting. Just give a very small snapshot that I can take and champion."

Asked for comment, McCabe said he was taken aback by Graham's pleading.

"It's fascinating because it shows you the length that these Trump surrogates were willing to go to to try to perpetuate this fraud. Essentially, that there had been a massive, impactful, you know, irregularities, with the election," McCabe explained.

"Graham comes out and says 'give me a thread, throw me a lifeline, give me an example and I will go out and champion that as evidence that the entire election should be thrown out,'" he elaborated. "Now, I guess to his credit, Ms. Bobb also says he never actually did anything with the memo they sent him, which you know, I guess we can only assume that he looked at it and thought even from his perspective that seemed preposterous."

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