Nobody wants Lindsey Graham to make their medical decisions for them: ex-Republican strategist trashes
Lindsey Graham (CNN screenshot)

After 67 years, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has remained a childless bachelor, but he still believes that entitles him to decide women's medical decisions around the country. After the Supreme Court decided not to protect those privacy rights, states have exploded with new laws, each more restrictive than the previous. Graham's new bill in the Senate would force those rules on all states, even if they don't want them.

Speaking to MSNBC on Sunday, former Republican strategist Rick Wilson made it clear that Americans don't want lawmakers deciding what's right for their families.

"You know, I think that Lindsay's rather desperate right now because for generations the intensity of voting behavior driven by abortion was apocryphal, and demonstrably, on the right," said Wilson. "And the people voting on abortion were almost exclusively on the right. Now what they've done with Dobbs is the dog has caught the car and this is activated women in the electorate — Republican, Democrat, Independent, across the spectrum. It's not that they are raging, Planned Parenthood pro-choice, it's that they don't love people like Lindsey Graham making their decisions for them, especially in cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother, which is where a lot of these states have already gone, which is even further and more extreme than what Graham is even proposing — which takes a lot."

Democratic strategist Xochitl Hinojosa explained that Graham reminded women the 2022 election is an alarm blinking red if they want to keep people like Graham out of their healthcare. Republicans have spent the past six months battling for bans that have left families in dire straits as women grapple with miscarriages or fertility issues. In the case of one 10-year-old who was impregnated due to a rape, she was forced to travel to another state.

"One thing the Democrats have to do is make clear what the threat is ahead of November," explained Hinojosa. "Democrats were very clear about what they stand for. Now they need to tell people exactly, not only with a stand for, but what Republicans would do if they were given power in the House, and in the Senate."

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no one wants lindsey graham making their healthcare decisions