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Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) may have lost her primary, and her congressional seat with it, on Tuesday, but she still has a comfortable place, rent-free, in the mind of Donald Trump, according to one political commentator.

Former Bush, Romney and McCain campaign adviser Mike Murphy said that Cheney can gain attention and hurt Trump, and that matters more than whether she's a presidential candidate. To have her succeed as a presidential challenger would mean major changes in the GOP and that isn't likely.

"If the party does far worse in the midterms than is expected and with Biden's numbers and inflation, they ought to do well, but if they lose the Senate because we have chucklehead Republican candidates driven by Trump then there might be a re-think because parties ultimately exist overtime to win and if they keep losing, Trump's cost us a lot of lost elections along the way, and it's a crescendo, then there could be an opening for Cheney or somebody like her," he said.

But Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson said that Cheney still garners much more positive attention from the media than Trump does and it's driving him crazy. That is her superpower.

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"I think she can play a role between now and 24 as an antagonist to him," he explained. She will not leave his brain. I promise you he will get obsessed about her. It will grind on him constantly. She can play a war as a psychological warfare element against him, putting her into a Republican presidential primary field right now as Mike indicated and it's the other 25 million voters that are the problem and there are going to be a lot of 19th place finishes for Liz Cheney in the big field and a lot of last-place finishes. They hate her because she stripped the bark off of the guy in public. She humiliated against him. She beat him in front of big audiences. And, again, I got back to, she beat him in his element, which is television. And he hates that beyond words."

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Liz Cheney will live forever in Trump’s head because she beat him at the TV game: Rick