'Why would he make that up?': Trump rally fans thrilled Madison Cawthorn talked about GOP drug orgies

Attendees at Donald Trump's rally in Selma, North Carolina rally on Saturday were full of praise for Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) for talking about drug-fueled orgies attended by conservatives in Washington D.C., the Daily Beast is reporting.

The Beast's Sam Brodey is reporting that the freshman lawmaker was greeted with open arms as he spoke at the rally, with MAGA attendees defending the 26-year-old lawmaker who is at odds with the national party as well as North Carolina's senior Republican leadership.

Focusing on Cawthorn's claim that he has seen conservatives in D.C. doing cocaine "key bumps" and that he was invited to an orgy, most people who spoke with Brodey said they believed him and that the GOP leadership in Washington is engaged in a cover-up.

Asked about Cawthorn's claims, rally attendee Karen Mitchell told Brodey that the lawmaker is in trouble with the GOP leadership because they “don’t want anyone to know what they’re up to.”

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Mitchell added that she feels Cawthorn is telling the truth, saying, "I don’t think he’s lying. Why make that up?”

"To the MAGA diehards gathered there, he is a knight in shining armor—a survivor with an inspiring story of triumph over adversity, a clean-cut, well-spoken young man who mothers just love that their daughters love," Brodey wrote. "Of 14 attendees The Daily Beast interviewed, half knew enough about Cawthorn to have an opinion about him. To a person, the opinion of those who did was overwhelmingly effusive. If the crowd’s reaction to Cawthorn’s speech—and Trump’s personal name-check later in the night—was any indication, the audience in Selma was full of fans."

Attendee Dylan Franklin tried to shrug off the controversy by explaining, "It’s murky water, especially in D.C. I don’t know what to believe these days,” before adding, "I definitely like him. He is the new wave that we need in America.”

Twenty-year-old business student Bruce Wilson also came to Cawthorn's defense while claiming he puts the lawmaker “on the same pedestal” as Trump.

“Other people view him as controversial. I don’t think he is,” Wilson added.

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