DOJ 'concerned something nefarious was going on' with Trump and top-secret documents: WaPo reporter
Former president Donald Trump during an interview with Newsmax. (Screenshot)

The Department of Justice believes former President Donald Trump may have been up to "something nefarious" by stashing top-secret government documents at his private resort in Florida.

FBI agents searched Mar-A-Lago last week and seized 11 sets of documents the National Archives had been seeking for more than a year, and Washington Post reporter Amber Phillips told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that recent court filings showed investigators were interested in more than simply getting those papers back.

"Step back and try to think about this because there is a lot going on, and it's all heating up right now," Phillips said. "I think we're right to be talking about this Mar-A-Lago raid a lot, and that's because the FBI agents had to go out there and spell out examples of crimes they think Trump or his allies committed in Trump's residence, and a judge agreed that there is probable cause. I mean, it's right there. This is pretty serious."

"Now the question that I have and legal experts have that I talk to have said is, did the FBI just want the documents badly enough to go in there and get them and then they're done, or do they think there was some kind of misuse, and yesterday's hearing, I thought, in court, reading a little bit of the tea leaves underscored that the FBI and the Justice Department are concerned that something nefarious was going on," Phillips added. "There is still an ongoing case, we'll mess up our prosecution if we keep this going. That is the No. 1 case to follow, and after that there is another Justice Department investigation into Jan. 6 that has hundreds of defendants, and they're looking into President Trump's words and actions regarding the Electoral College votes, and we could talk more about that in a minute. But it is a big one."

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