Donald Trump
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Legal commentator Marcy Wheeler predicted former President Donald Trump will likely be charged with obstruction or the Espionage Act after he took classified documents to his home at Mar-a-Lago.

Wheeler spoke to We've Got Issues host Joshua Holland in a podcast aired on Friday.

"I'll also say that we expect [Fulton County DA] Fani Willis to charge also maybe in the next six weeks in the Georgia case, and that'll be a fairly broad election crimes case," she told Holland after Trump was indicted in Manhattan. "So that's right out there as well and again something that goes far, that gets much closer to the core of the damage that Trump has done."

Wheeler said two investigations headed by special counsel Jack Smith were also getting "very close" to handing down indictments.

"So we are getting close to the possibility that the former president will be charged at least with obstruction of an effort to get back classified documents," she explained. "But I suspect that there's a pretty good chance that, I mean, it's a big lift to charge a former president with Espionage Act violations, but there's certainly signs that they may be going there, and that case is very close."

Listen to the We've Got Issues podcast below or at this link.