'An embarrassment': GOP buried for turning 'QAnon queen' Marjorie Taylor Greene into their 'superstar'
Marjorie Taylor Greene Facebook page

In his column for the Daily Beast, conservative Matt Lewis deplored the state of the Republican Party that is allowing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) to become the face of the party, calling it an "embarrassment."

Noting that a recent report indicated that the endorsement of the controversial lawmaker -- who the conservative called the "QAnon queen" -- appears to carry more weight than one from former president Donald Trump, Lewis suggested the GOP has a big problem. Pointing out that there are encouraging signs that "Trump’s cult-like hold on the Republican electorate may be eroding," Lewis noted that Taylor Greene may be filling the gap.

Quoting a GOP strategist who claimed, "If you can’t get Donald Trump, you are going to want to have MTG in your back pocket,” Lewis wrote, "for those who are hoping the GOP will come to its senses, it’s even more concerning when you put it in context."

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"When given a choice between decent conservatives (who are brave enough to put their political careers on the line) and a woman who floated the conspiracy theory that a California wildfire was the result of Jewish space lasers, the Republican faithful are shouting, 'Give us Barabbas!'" he wrote.

"It has been observed that Republican politicians aren’t really afraid of Trump; they are afraid of his supporters. When you consider that these same supporters incentivize politicians to seek out Greene’s endorsement, this assessment sadly rings true. Even if Trump disappeared from the political scene tomorrow, the larger problem to contend with is the grassroots base he inherited and helped attract," he wrote.

Continuing in that vein, he added, "It’s tempting to dismiss Greene as a fringe character who is a mere mainstream obsession. But all evidence, including her status as the most sought-after Republican endorser (next to Trump), says otherwise."

"She’s the heart and soul of the base now. It’s a sad state of affairs," Lewis concluded.

You can read his whole piece here -- subscription required.