Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Friday snapped at a reporter who asked her about allegations that she is peddling Kremlin propaganda about its war in Ukraine.

Greene, who earlier this week accused President Joe Biden of funding "NATO Nazis" and even encouraged Ukrainians to stop fighting against their Russian invaders, bristled when a reporter walked up to her and asked her whether she had a "sympathy toward Russia."

"OK, first off, that's ridiculous!" snapped Greene. "I need you to stop! I don't have any sympathy for Putin and Russia, OK? So you can take your pro-Putin garbage and can take it somewhere else."

Greene went on to denounce Putin's invasion of Ukraine as "murderous" and then scolded the reporter.

"Be more honest in your journalism!" she said.

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In addition to her recent remarks about Ukraine, Greene also attended a white nationalist conference earlier this year in which a crowd of young racists approvingly chanted Putin's name.

Watch the video below.

Marjorie Taylor Greene snaps at reporter who asks her about peddling Kremlin propaganda