Conservative begs Georgia voters to oust 'ghastly cretin' Marjorie Taylor Greene
Photo via Olivier Douliery/AFP

In a column for the conservative National Review, Kevin Williamson made the case for keeping Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on the ballot while at the same time imploring voters in her district to vote her out of office the first chance they get.

With the Review headlining his piece, "Marjorie Taylor Greene Should Go," Williamson said attempts to keep her off the ballot are misguided and that it is up to voters to send her packing.

Getting right to the point, he began, "Marjorie Taylor Greene, the ghastly cretin who inexplicably has been foisted upon this besieged republic by the people of northwestern Georgia, is the sort of self-serving malicious dunce who should be kept as far away from political power as possible."

With that out of the way he trashed efforts to keep her off the ballot, before conceding, "I do not doubt that Representative Greene is morally disqualified from office, but the question in front of us is a legal one — and we cannot defend the rule of law by abandoning the rule of law."

"The American system makes it very difficult to do some things, such as amending the Constitution or impeaching a malevolent officeholder. And so, rather than undertake the hard work of doing hard things, we look for shortcuts," he wrote. "It is still more ironic that what the activists seeking to have Representative Greene disqualified are doing is the mirror image of what Trump and his cronies tried to do: They are putting forward a flimsy and not especially credible legal pretext in the hopes that political sympathizers in a position of power will give them the victory that they have so far failed to win at the ballot box."

Having said that, Williamson argued there is a good case to be made to vote her out of office after one tumultous term in the House.

"If we had functioning political parties — and if the Republican Party a.d. 2022 were not the yellowest, most timorous, most gutless, grasping, worthless, indefensible, and chickensh** political organ the world had ever seen — then Representative Greene might be dealt with at the party level," he suggested. "As it stands, the GOP is entirely incapable of taking a stand even for its own long-term partisan interests, with the top party chieftains believing that a big win in November will allow them to brazen it out and memory-hole the role of its leading figures in Donald Trump’s attempted coup d’état."

Lacking a Republican Party interested in policing their own, he added, "What that means is that this one is on you, people of Georgia’s 14th District. Marjorie Taylor Greene should be removed from office in the regular and lawful way: by voting her sorry ass out of there."

"The country is counting on your patriotism and your self-respect. Don’t let us down," he concluded.

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