Marjorie Taylor Greene's challenger blocked from entering her town hall
Marjorie Taylor Greene on Facebook.

A Democratic challenger to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) says she was prevented from going into a town hall hosted by the GOP lawmaker.

Holly McCormack, who's challenging Greene for her congressional seat, said she and some other constituents were kicked out of the event Tuesday in Catoosa County, reported Newsweek.

"My neighbors and I were barred from attending a town hall held by our Congresswoman, in my hometown, because she doesn't want to answer the tough questions about her failure to work for the people of Georgia," McCormack said. "If she truly had the best interests of Georgians at heart, she would welcome the opportunity to connect with her constituents, regardless of who they are. Instead, she takes every step possible to avoid accountability."

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McCormack's campaign said that event organizers claimed the town hall was at capacity, but they claimed that attendance was actually low and the Democratic candidate says she was blocked due to her party affiliation.

"I tried to attend her town hall tonight, but because I am a Democrat, I was kicked out and not allowed to ask my Representative a question," McCormack tweeted. "That won't happen when I'm in Congress."

"For as much as Marjorie Taylor Greene talks about communism and censorship," McCormack added, "she sure doesn't like me coming to her town hall to ask her a simple question."

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