Marjorie Taylor Greene flops as she testifies at Stuart Scheller's military trial: report
Marjorie Taylor Greene and Stuart Scheller. (Screenshots)

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) testified on Thursday at the military trial of Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller. Greene was one of three Republican lawmakers who spoke on behalf of Scheller at the sentencing phase of his court-martial.

But, according to the Military Times, her testimony was a flop.

"When Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller's defense team called Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Georgia, to the virtual witness stand Thursday afternoon, the tablet showing her Zoom testimony to the Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, courtroom fell down," reported Davis Winkie. "So did her arguments during the sentencing phase of the Marine officer's special court-martial, which meandered from her personal 9/11 experience to calls for President Joe Biden's resignation."

According to the report, "Amid repeated relevancy objections from Lt. Col. Nicholas Gannon, the Marine Corps' top prosecutor, Greene was cut off multiple times by Col. Glen Hines, the military judge who will rule on Scheller's sentence Friday."

Scheller posted a video of himself attacking the Biden administration over the management of the military withdrawal from Afghanistan, and was subsequently relieved of command and prosecuted for a number of offenses including disobeying orders, dereliction, and conduct unbecoming an officer. "After Scheller violated a gag order from his chain of command with subsequent videos and social media posts, he spent more than a week in the brig," Military Times noted. "He also said that his wife left him."

He has pleaded guilty to the charges and made clear he hates former President Donald Trump too and doesn't want his case to become political — but that hasn't stopped Trump fans from making him into a martyr.

"I'm amazed at his courage," Greene said during the hearing, according to The Daily News. "We need accountability... 13 military members were killed needlessly." The congresswoman added that Americans were stranded in Afghanistan, calling it "a failure of this administration."

According to Washington Post reporter Dan Lamothe, Greene also "suggested the recent drone strike that killed civilians in Afghanistan was a war crime."