Marjorie Taylor Greene demands forced births for women 'if it's a circumstance they didn't plan'
Marjorie Taylor Greene, R- Ga.. - Drew Angerer/Getty Images/New York Daily News/TNS

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) insisted that women who get pregnant should be forced to birth children "even if it's a circumstance they didn't plan."

Greene made the remarks while speaking to Newsmax podcast host Rob Carson. She said that abortion rights are personally "insulting" to her.

"The very idea that women's rights don't matter anymore, which is what [Democrats] say," Greene opined, "and our stance for pro-life is to support women. We support their pregnancies. We support them being mothers even if it's a circumstance that they didn't plan."

"We also support women's rights," she continued, "the right to privacy, our right to have privacy in our bathrooms, the right to compete in our women's sports without being threatened by biological men. And so, yes, all of this is a slap in our face "

Greene said that she was concerned about the future of her two daughters and believes life "starts at conception."

"Mitch McConnell, you better be listening, my friend," the podcast host later warned. "You look at Sri Lanka. Now, I'm not saying that's going to happen here but that attitude is here."

Greene also called Democratic bills to enshrine federal abortion rights "evil and disgusting."

"They want to make abortion legal up until the day of birth," she griped, "and make it available for every woman that wants it across the country and they are so angry about it. They're demanding it, they're fighting for it."

Watch the video below from The Rob Carson Show or at this link.

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