Marjorie Taylor Greene singled out by disinformation experts for pushing Putin talking points about Ukraine
Marjorie Taylor Greene (Photo by Jim Watson for AFP)

In interviews with the Guardian, disinformation experts singled out Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) as a key American dispenser of Kremlin propaganda aimed at undercutting support for the unjustly invaded Ukraine.

With Republicans poised to take control of the House -- and with that control of the budget -- supporters of Ukraine are becoming increasingly alarmed at conservatives increasingly taking an overtly pro-Russia stance.

Noting that Fox News host Tucker Carlson and conservative gadfly Steve Bannon are also pushing a pro-Vladimir Putin worldview, the Guardian report points out, "Some of the Kremlin’s most blatant falsehoods about the war aimed at undercutting US aid for Ukraine have been promoted by major figures on the American right, from Holocaust denier and white supremacist Nick Fuentes to ex-Trump adviser Steve Bannon and Fox News star Tucker Carlson, whose audience of millions is deemed especially helpful to Russian objectives."

Warning, "the influence of these Ukraine aid critics in Congress and Moscow-friendly media on the right led by Carlson is expected to increase," the Guardian's Peter Stone added, "There are signs that the conservative wing of the Republican party and its media allies are already ratcheting up their criticism of US backing for Ukraine."

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According to Bret Schafer, a senior fellow with the Alliance for Securing Democracy, "Marjorie Taylor Green’s introduction of a resolution to audit aid to Ukraine is entirely unsurprising given the pervasively negative messaging about Ukraine coming from the right flank of the GOP over the past three months.”

To drive home his point, Schafer added, "Although most members of Congress support Ukraine, the loudest members do not, and their voices are dominating online spaces”.

According to Megan Squire, a deputy director for data analytics with the Southern Poverty Law Center, conservative social media site Rumble has become a hotbed of anti-Ukraine, pro-Putin propaganda and Taylor Greene has been at the center of it.

"Alt-tech platforms such as Rumble are actively peddling the anti-Ukraine talking points of their heavy users, many of whom have been deplatformed elsewhere,” Squire explained. “A simple search for ‘Ukraine’ in Rumble today shows that the top search results are for a Steve Bannon video where he promotes Marjorie Taylor Greene’s demands for an audit of Ukrainian relief funds, and junk news site Post Millennial, which is using Rumble to promote clips from a similar story from Tucker Carlson.”

Carlson's influence is becoming even more concerning with Andrew Weiss, vice-president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, stating, "The audience for Fox News commentators like Tucker Carlson, who frequently spreads pro-Russian narratives, is obviously orders of magnitude bigger than that of new niche players like Rumble that often carry Russian disinformation. Such platforms are far more impactful than the more sneaky techniques that the Russian propaganda apparatus employs these days.”

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