Marjorie Taylor Greene hints she'll fight to 'lead' the House against McCarthy
Marjorie Taylor Greene on Facebook.

Republicans have already been measuring the curtains of the House Speaker's office with the anticipation of there being a so-called "red wave" in November that ushers in many new Republican members of the House of Representatives.

At the start of the year, once redistricting had settled, Republican leader Kevin McCarthy bragged that they would take over at least 60 seats. That has significantly been reduced, however.

Now it appears one of McCarthy's biggest foes in his own party is ready to stop his rise to power.

Speaking on a panel with Steve Bannon, Peter Navarro, Mike Lindell and Trump spokesperson Liz Harrington, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) hinted that she wants to fight to take the Speaker post in November.

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Bannon noted that Greene had the "stones" to "make things happen" on appropriations and the budget committees. Greene has never indicated her interest in either of those committees. They're also usually reserved for more senior members.

"Well, you know how much I would like to lead the company here in Congress," she told Bannon. "That's what I did before I ever got here in Congress, lead a company."

Greene's father started a construction company and she was listed for a time as the CFO on the corporate registration records. In an expose by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, however, Greene was outed for spending most of her days at CrossFit and traveling to national competitions instead of helping her husband run the company.

"In 2015, she acknowledged in an internet radio interview that when she opened a gym of her own in 2013, she and her business partner knew next to nothing about running a business," the report explained.

"The way the system works here is a lot different from the way it works in the real world," Greene told Bannon about her hope to rise in the GOP leadership.

See the video below or at this link.

Marjorie Taylor Greene hints at taking speaker job out from under Kevin McCarthy