GOP's Marsha Blackburn heaps praise on Neanderthals after Biden comments: 'They're protectors of their family!'

Sen. Martha Blackburn (R-TN) on Thursday defended the honor of Neanderthals after President Joe Biden used the term as a pejorative earlier this week.

During an appearance on Fox Business, Blackburn was asked to comment on Biden decrying the "Neanderthal thinking" of repealing statewide mask mandates even as the novel coronavirus pandemic is still killing thousands of Americans per day.

"We were called Neanderthals when I led the fight against the state income tax!" Blackburn said proudly. "So you know what I did? I started the Neanderthal Caucus!"

Blackburn went on to explain what she believed to be the virtues of Neanderthals, which have been extinct for tens of thousands of years.

"Neanderthals are hunter-gatherers, they're protectors of their family, they are resilient, they're resourceful, they tend to their own!" she gushed. "So, I think Joe Biden needs to rethink what he is saying."

Watch the video below.